TrapHeavy and Chopsquad DJ Deliver “Blue Strips” [Audio]

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Being the oldest of six kids, Trap Heavy, of St. Lous, Missouri, is no stranger to stepping up to the plate. This sparked the trapper mentality in him, realizing he had to become a man at a young age. Now, as a rapper, he speaks on making something out of nothing and wants his music to be the motivating voice that the listener needs. 

Trap Heavy gains a lot of inspiration from artists like Jay Z, Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy as they all built their empires from the ground up and didn’t stay on the streets route. Instead, they used what they had to do better. Trap Heavy wants his music to follow the same ideology of coming out of the “streets” to make a better life while remaining authentic and true on singles like “Bands” and the “Shoot Off” Freestyle. 

Still new to the game, Trap Heavy showcases a type of authenticity and raw talent that shows he’s in it for the long haul. The rapper is currently preparing to release an EP exclusively produced by Chophouse DJ in late August. You may not be familiar with his campaign now, but Trap Heavy’s campaign is one that can’t be missed.

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