NEWS: BallerNewsCo is making their mark as one of Instagram’s fastest growing pages

Many instagram pages and brands struggle to come up with good content that is of interest and related to their audience. You often see brands with over a million followers get very little engagement on their posts. There is a reason for that. It’s not that their brand is boring because their audience already likes their brand and that’s why they follow it.

The problem is with the content strategy and the quality of the content. Most of these brands don’t spend much time thinking about what to post. They just have a certain idea and do it. But to have good content one needs to up their game, and try a lot of different types of content to see which resonates with their target audience. Also the quality of the pictures and videos has to be professional. You can’t post blurry or non-high definition pictures and videos if you’re an established brand.

So if we want to see how it can be done we need to look at instagram brands or influencers who seem to do the content thing right. Here comes BallerNews aka Ballernewsco, a relatively new premium entertainment brand on instagram. 

The first thing you see is the sleek logo. The design is very simple but elegant. It’s what you would expect from someone who calls himself “Baller News”. The carefully curated content is something that you don’t often see. Most of the content that is posted there, be it videos or pictures, is of high quality. The content is entertaining and is able to keep the audience watching and wanting more. 

So if you are someone who wants to up their instagram game, look to Baller News and similar pages for inspiration. 

You can find BallerNews at: