UNSIGNED HYPE: Eric Jaye – Belladonna

After collaborating with Snoop Dogg on “I’ve Been Looking For You,” off I Wanna Thank Me, and lending guest vocals for Ras Kass on “MLK DAY,” Virginia based triple-threat Eric Jaye (@EricJaye_) unloads his new self-produced single “Belladonna.” Blending the genres of R&B, Soul, and Afrobeat, “Belladonna” tells the story of a lust stricken crooner resisting a toxic temptress. [Photo Credit: Ed Ellington]

When asked about the record’s origins, Eric states:

“I felt led to create a song that tackles the very thing that I often struggle with myself, resisting temptation. Temptation is directly linked to self control and almost everything we do in life can be traced back to our self control. With only a guitar and mini keyboard, God enabled me to create my own interpretation of how we all experience and potentially defeat temptation.”