“Lessons of life be the sketches I write/deep depression/seek perfection/not reflection I like” spits the lyricist known as MeRCY as he introduces us to his latest work of art titled “The Artist“.

Backed by a beautiful canvas of production provided by Lebanon Don, Merc’ goes to work detailing portions of his life that have made him who he is today. Each bar and rhyme blend together perfectly like when mixing colors to create another, as the artist takes us on a trip through his mind & past self. He grabs a mic that acts as a paint brush in order to create the picture of MeRCY. From seeing his older brother deal drugs, to run ins with the law but also trying to avoid disappointing his mother even while being out in the concrete jungles, it all plays a part in the ever growing picture of “The Artist“.

MeRCY starts off the second verse by saying “The artist who drew the hardest of hardships/with my tears on the canvas/bloodstains on my garments/written in blood no kisses and hugs”. Merc’ doesn’t mask any pain but shows it off in full because in his words “This is God’s work from all the hard work/beauty is pain my n***a/I’ve made it artwork”. Truly embodying himself within his raps is how we find the Florida native on this record, not being afraid of showing vulnerability but embracing it in order to create a special track that serves as the first single to his upcoming album Michaelangelo. If the single wasn’t already great, Tone Spliff adds some scratches throughout to top it off and ensure the greatness of “The Artist“.