UNSIGNED HYPE: J Coop – God Level

Born Job Alexander Cooper in Nassau, Bahamas, “J.Coop” came to the U.S. to pursue his dreams of a better life. Music has always been his passion. After a brief conversation with his writing professor he decided to start rapping. As a student of the art Coop studied the greats before him then yook to the streets 42nd street to be exact. Being in Times Square Coop honed his skill performing for the likes of anyone who would listen, whether casual fan. or rap critic, whoever heard him was always very impressed. Voted by the citizens of the Sway In The Morning Show to “Get In The Game”(2014). Winner of Adidas Originals “Drop A Rhyme” contest (2013). Poised, confident, and talented J.Coop is set to make his mark and leave a legacy!!! Girls wanna be with him , guys wanna be like him. With great song writing ability, a dope freestyle game and marketability J. Coop is a complete artist fans can fall in love with. 


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