VIDEO: Tremaine @makeachange720 x Klamp G @klamp4_ x Tanka @sosotanka – G Island 

He’s back like he never left “the richest nigga in his section ain’t no question” the catch echoed by the Don  the city of 

Gallatin, Tenn,”Tremaine 615″ Along with two of the young Bosses “Klamp G”(@klamp4) & “Tanka”(Sosatanka) also from “Gallatin”,Tenn came together to remix the made popular by Rob49’s “Vulture Island’, to announce the proper way to refer to there city of “Gallatin” which from now shall be referred to “G Island” so press Play an take a journey through “G Island” with these official representatives and after holla at them via Twitter “Tremaine615″(@makeachange720) “Klamp G”(klamp4) “Tanka”(Sosatanka) IG “Klamp G”(klamp4x_)

“Tanka”(_tanka4) “Tremaine615″(@Tremaine_615)